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NeuroGage® in the News

3/15/19: Dr. Ross was recognized as Midlothian High School's Community Memeber of the Month.
Dr. Ross Midlothian Award.PNG
3/08/19: Dr. Ross was invited to speak at Randolph-Macon College.

Dr. Ross was recently invited to Randolph-Macon College by Dr. Bardi to be a guest lecturer to his Behavioral Neuroscience seminar. He gave a presentation on his experiences in his specific career field and what led him to it - as well as some of our recent research on MRI brain volume measurement in TBI (Traumatic Brain Injuries).

2/25/19: Dr. Ross gave a talk entitled 'Patients with chronic mild or moderate traumatic brain injury have abnormal brain enlargement' for the Virginia Neuroscience Initiative.

Until recent years, most experts thought that brain volume was normal in patients with mild traumatic brain injury (TBI). The development of recent MRI-based technologies, including software programs like NeuroQuant and NeuroGage, have led to a new understanding of this area. In this talk, Dr. Ross reviews his research over the past 8 years, which has found that patients with chronic mild TBI have multiple brain volume abnormalities, including: 1) atrophy; 2) abnormal enlargement (more enlargement than atrophy, surprisingly); 3) abnormal asymmetry; and 4) abnormal longitudinal volume changes. An interesting case report suggests a hypothesis for why there is abnormal brain enlargement.


Watch the full Virginia Neuroscience Initiative webinar below.

5/15/18: Dr. Ross' Paper is Accepted for Publication

Dr. Ross' paper Titled "High Correlations between MRI Brain Volume Measurements based on NeuroQuant® and FreeSurfer," is accepted for publication by the journal "Psychiatry Research:Neuroimaging."

5/08/18: Dr. Ross Invited to Speak at The National Trial Lawyers' Meeting: "Frontiers in Advocacy: Traumatic Brain Injury"

Dr. Ross spoke, along with Lee Norwind, at The National Trial Lawyers' Meeting in Nashville, Tennessee, on "Proving TBI Objectively with MRI Brain Volume Measurement."

3/14/18: Dr. Ross Invited to Speak at the North American Brain Injury Society's 31st Annual Conference on Legal Issues in Brain Injury

Dr. Ross spoke at the conference in Houston on "Update on NeuroQuant® and NeuroGage®: Using MRI Brain Volume Measurement to Understand Effects of Traumatic Brain Injury."

12/31/17: Dr. Ross has Article Titled 'NeuroQuant® and NeuroGage®: Breakthroughs in Objectively Measuring Effects of Mild Traumatic Brain Injury' Published in The Lawyers LogBook: Winter 2017 Vol. 6 No. 5 

To read the full article published in the Lawyers LogBook: Winter 2017 Vol. 6 No.5, Click here

8/24/17: Dr. Ross Invited to Speak to healthcare providers at M1 Imaging Center in Michigan regarding NeruoGage®/NeuroQuant®.

Dr. Ross traveled to Michigan to speak to 100 health care providers regarding the usefulness of NeuroGage and NeuroQuant, especially regarding traumatic brain injuries.

  • To read M1 Imaging's recap of the event, Click here

  • To read an article on M1 Imaging introducing NeuroQuant in their clinics with the help of Dr. Ross, Click here

5/20/2017: Dr. Ross Invited to Speak at the 2017 APITLA National Interstate Trucking Super Summit

Get an update on NeuroQuant® and NeuroGage® by watching the video of a talk given by David E. Ross, M.D. and Lee Norwind, Esquire, entitled “Proving TBI objectively with MRI brain volume measurement,” at the Annual Conference of the Association of Plaintiff Interstate Trucking Lawyers of America (APITLA), in Tampa, FL on May 20, 2017.

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