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     NeuroGage® and NeuroQuant® are exciting developments for uncovering evidence of brain injury in our patients with mild to moderate traumatic brain injury (TBI).  Most patients with mild to moderate TBI have normal CT and MRI scans based on simple visual inspection by a radiologist.  For years, advances in structural brain imaging have promised to remedy this situation.  Finally, the promises of the research laboratory are readily available for everyday patients in the clinic.  

     NeuroGage® is a powerful software for measuring brain volume change over time and brain volume asymmetry, which helps us understand the effects on the brain of brain injury and brain disease and assists with clinical decision-making.  

     NeuroGage® extends the utility of NeuroQuant®, FDA-cleared software for measuring MRI brain volume.  NeuroQuant® automatically identifies multiple brain regions, measures the volume of each, and compares the data to MRI data from normal control subjects.  Click here for a sample NeuroGage® report.

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