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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is NeuroGage®?

NeuroGage® is a software program that expands on the ability of NeuroQuant® to measure brain volume. By using NeuroGage® we are able to track brain atrophy over time to determine a pattern or rate of swelling/shrinkage.

What are the advantages of having NeuroGage, LLC analyze my NeuroQuant® or NeuroGage® report?

Upon receipt of your NeuroQuant® data, Dr. Ross inspects for segmentation errors to insure the various brain regions were identified correctly by the computer. Dr. Ross will then provide a narrative report of the NeuroQuant® findings to the referring doctor or patient. By having Dr. Ross perform the analysis, the patient will have a connection to a board-certified neuropsychiatrist experienced with brain imaging and mold. For an additional fee, Dr. Ross can talk to the patient and their physician about his findings.

Can you perform a NeuroGage® analysis on an MRI I already have?

Most likely, no. A special protocol (described below) must have been specifically requested by your doctor to be set up on the MRI scanner before your MRI in order for it to be NeuroGageable.

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